I have lost count, the number of times my dad and mum have screamed on top of their voice giving me oncology lessons on how eating uncovered food from our microwave cause cancer. And how it killed a friend’s sole heir to her property- her cat.
Let’s buussst the myth! 

How do Microwave ovens work?

Microwave ovens operate by using very high levels of a certain frequency of radiofrequency radiation (in the microwave spectrum) to heat foods. When microwaves are absorbed by food containing water, it causes the water molecules to vibrate, which produces heat which cooks/heats your food.

I know you might be freaking out at the sight of the word “radiation”. But then you have been exposed your whole life to radiation from the sun, cell phones, Bluetooth, Wifi and what not.
Don’t freak out yet, there is good radiation and bad radiation. Extremely low-frequency radiations like those emitted from masts, x-ray and Gamma rays( ionization radiations) are dangerous to humans as they damage DNA and could cause cancer after repeated exposure over a long period of time.

How Microwave ovens do not cause cancer

Microwave radiation; one used in cooking is relatively weak. About 50,000 times weaker. Microwaves do not use x-rays or gamma rays hence they do not make food radioactive or carcinogenic.

Moreover, the ovens have been designed to contain the microwaves within. The oven only makes microwaves when the door is shut and the oven is turned on.
In essence, the food is exposed to radiation and not you. So the oven will not harm you as long as the microwave isn’t broken and isn’t continuously emitting the radiation. Then it best you replace the defective machine.

Keep a healthy weight. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink too much. If you are light-skinned or have albinism, don’t sit in the sun. Get vaccinated against cancer-causing viruses like HPV and HepB.

These will reduce your risk substantially more than the imaginary risk of increased cancer from microwaving food.

Verdict: MYTH!!!

Educate Mom and Dad. Bon appetite!

Cheers, DrC

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