What is the next best thing God created after Eve? Hollywood! I mean, see, nothing gives better highs than a high-octane-action flick aka John Wick and gives incredible lows like Jeepers Creepers 3. Or better still gives a roller coaster ride of perfect moments, and terrible endings – Lucy,2014( How the hell do you turn into a USB Drive?). All these sound like Hollywood in summary but hey, do they sound like something women give in unhealthy doses? Lmao.
As much as Hollywood gives us the thrills (knock-me-out scene in Avengers: Infinity War where Thor makes an epic entry into Wakanda with his new toy-Stormbreaker), riddled in there are a ton of believable myths that defy reality?

MYTH #5: If you shoot the tank of a car, it’ll explode.


If you are an avid gamer like me, you probably have done this a ton of times in the Call of Duty series, Battlefield and Rockstar games, Grand Theft Auto. It’s a spectacular sight to behold. Drop a few rounds into the gas tank and boom!..take out several enemies. Amazing stuff. But does this work in real life?

First things first, car manufacturers gotta make their cash but definitely not at the expense of human safety. Before a car passes the safety test to be released for public use, it undergoes a ton of tests.

“They do this by conducting side-impact and rear-impact tests on all new cars, calculating the damage to ensure it falls within acceptable standards and then releasing the data to the public in the form of safety ratings.”

– CHERISE THREEWITT (howstuffworks.coM)

In summary, a lot of reinforcement goes around the fuel tanks of cars to withstand a lot of impacts.

How The Hell Do Gas Explosions Work?

Before an explosion starts we definitely need Fire. Igniting gasoline requires both heat and oxygen. If anyone of these is missing, a fire can’t sustain itself.
If there’s insufficient air in the tank, an explosion won’t be possible.

The Bullet Problem

The regular bullets we see in movies and in real life aren’t designed to ignite fireandwhile a bullet is heated by the explosion that propels it, the bullet itself won’t necessarily be hot enough to ignite gasoline(start a fire).

Tearing Apart the Myth

In a 2004 episode, The Discovery Channel TV show MythBusters tackled this myth, shooting five bullets into the gas tank of a Cadillac Sedan. There was no explosion, not even a fire. This raises the question of how a bullet would cause an explosion in the first place.

Screenshot (3)

In a  later episode, the MythBusters speculated that a tracer bullet fired from a long enough distance could pick up enough heat from air friction to explode a gas tank.

So the myth may not be entirely untrue.
However, It’s just not quite as easy to blow up a car as Hollywood special effects people seem to think it is.

Cheers, DrC.

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