If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decades or so, assuming, you woke up one sunny day to realize America voted for Donald Trump to become President, then I bet growing up you have been told many believable tales of bulls having a love thing for the colour red. Do bulls hate the color red?


It still feels like yesterday when my big sister came bursting through the front door with her red shoes flying mid-air, and shouting “opese oku me oooo. Me wuooo” – translates in Twi- “it wants to die me”[sic]. What followed next was a chorus of “moooooooooo“.


On my quest to busting myths, the origin of bulls hating the colour red stems from the old age barbaric Spanish Bullfighting sport dating back to the 1700s. In this sport, a man dressed like Prince Charming(Matador) from the Cinderella stories waves a red cape(muleta) to get the attention of a bull. What follows next is a fierce charged attack from the bull towards the Matador’s muleta.

Matador and a bull
Matador and a raging bull.

But why does the bull attack at the sight of the red cape?


In March 2017, a 1160 pound bull named Caporal stabbed Matador Antonio Romero in his asshole with its full 11-inch horn rupturing his anal sphincter to shreds. Ouuuchhhh!!!!

A love more than red.

Busting The Myth!

For the record, bulls or cattle are colour-blind to the red-green spectrum. Thus, they can’t see the colour red and yeah actually care less about the colour red. If they care less about the colour red, why then does it charge towards the cape? Could it be the movement?

Fun fact:
An 1,800-pound bull can hook a grown man with his horns and toss him 30 feet in the air.


In 2007, Discovery Channel’s MythBusters set out to debunk this myth by testing a live bull on the colour vs movement theory in three separate experiments. In the first experiment, three stationary flags with colours red, white and blue were put in the bull’s ring. To their surprise, the bull charged at each flag regardless of its colour.

In the next experiment, three makeshift matadors(dummies) were put in the bull’s enclosure wearing the colors blue, red and white. To their surprise, the bull charged at each moving dummy regardless of their colour (actually charging at the red coloured dummy last).

In their final experiment, a live person dressed in red was put in the arena and instructed to be motionless, while two cowboys kept running around. The bull charged at the running cowboys leaving the red-clad person.

Turns out, the colour red isn’t what causes bulls to attack. In fact, bulls don’t seem to have any colour preference at all. They’ll charge whichever object is moving the most, which means this old myth can get tossed right into the bin.


Matadors use a red muleta to mask the gory blood splash from the bull’s injuries.

Verdict: Myth!

So you probably know why sister was attacked! Definitely not the red shoes. Rock em red panties! Bulls don’t hate the color red!

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