Several people have different opinions about doctors. Some think they are a pompous bunch of people who drive latest luxury cars and have endless commas in their bank accounts. Others look at them and see an extension of the Almighty’s healing hand (ranging from soothing reassurances to 19 hours procedures). Sure, there are several opinions in between the two mentioned, but there’s one that will almost never be debated: doctors have horrible handwriting.

This internet meme knocked me out in laughter

Vampires hate Garlic, Superman hates Kryptonite and Doctors hate what? Photo courtesy: @CarlAyee(Twitter)

I mean who doesn’t have a family friend doc who once scribbled ‘something’ and asked them to go buy it or go do a lab? Or who never heard a kid in school with the worst writing say he will become a doctor that’s why he has such terrible handwriting. In fact, some people will actually doubt your validity as a doctor the moment your writing is a little too legible. Smh. I mean that’s just plain dumb, but still, such people exist.


Lookie here…Your friendly neighborhood Doctor writes like a chicken!

Now, where did this notion come from? People from all over the world did not meet at a secret hideout to decide on this. Aliens did not send subliminal messages to a selected few who have then propagated this allusion to all and sundry. No! It has taken ages of observation to arrive at that conclusion.

Now with the increasing use of digitized systems in health centres, this is not an issue in some places (Unless there are some really ugly fonts out there that also cannot be read clearly).

Doctors have also had enough time to say something in their defence. Not to mean the rest of the world is paying any heed, but it must count for something to hear the story from both parties involved, right?

So I’ve been asking around a bit, speaking to my doctor friends and their doctor friends. The question was simple. “why you squad your handwriting dey bore so?” The answers were myriad and varied, but a few stood out.


  • One of the opinions that got me laughing was the fact that the person expected to read it will be able to, and so everyone else can ‘gerrabout the mango tree’. This may be as true as truth goes, but not entirely. There is always that one handwritten review/plan everyone hates to read. “Please can you see what is written here?” “Do you think this is twin or turn? Truth be told, they can mostly make out what has been written by making sense of the surrounding words and what is happening, but there are extreme cases.


Just recently I saw a prescription on one social media platform; apparently, no pharmacist could read what had been prescribed so they were now seeking help from whoever could see. I had no idea what was on that sheet.

Mysterious doctor's prescription
Whoever wrote this deserves jail sentence! Lmaooo! Can you read this for a reward?
  • Another was that there is a long queue of patients to be seen after you, so they had to hurry. If you have sat outside a consulting room with a bunch of kids whose parents keep screaming ‘stop’ every now and then. Or keep complaining that they’ve been there for far too long etc., you’ll probably be hurrying with each consultation (within reasonable means of course). Well maybe, but I’ve also seen people(doctors) write as legibly as the Writing on The Wall regardless.


The most ridiculous one was that doctors offer Bad Handwriting as part of their med school courses. No need delving into that. The only thing more preposterous I’ve ever heard was that- rich people aren’t happy. What prescription are you on, mon ami?

Anytime this topic comes up, I wonder why it’s even up for discussion in the first place. I mean doctors too are people just like everyone else. Just as you have plumbers and chefs and accountants with awesome handwriting, you have a number of them who pretty much suck in the writing department just like DrC. So the next time you think your doctor has terrible writing, try and focus more on the quality of health care he or she is providing you rather than how nice the pages of your folder look (you’re not going to read it anyway).


DrC: What? What? LMFAO. Was my name mentioned in here? Such blasphemy! I admit I do have pretty cool handwriting by standards! Whose standards? Mine of course. Let our readers be the judge.

Can you read this?

Doctor's handwriting
Tell me you can read this people!


What was written in the mysterious prescription and what the hell did DrC write in the picture up there? Over to you. Drop a comment and let us all know.

Cheers, OhDKay

Feature Image: Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

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