Hold on a sec. Mi amigo, do you actually freaking believe sucking breast will save life on planet Earth? Forgive my manners, Happy New Month cherished readers!

I picked this month to officially confess, I have a medically sound fetish for breast. Say all you want about booty. It doesn’t get a month’s worth of celebration. Breast is life. Get in!

Pink October is here. Around this time of the year, we join hands all over the world in supporting the global awareness campaign on breast cancer by maximizing opportunities to educate the public(especially women) on early identification of disease and it’s associated signs and symptoms.


Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in women worldwide

Before we dive in, my amazing colleagues over at Tropical MD wrote a simple yet detailed post on Breast Cancer. It’s got all the stuff you need to know.

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You probably might have felt or still feeling the euphoria Pink October brings along. Yes, everyone including me wants to suck titties or worse grope some. Try hard not to be slightly stupid, I really am not campaigning for sexual harassment but let’s explore how true Sucking/Groping Breast helps in our fight.


While most cases of breast cancer occur in women it does occur in men too, although this is rare (about 1% of cases)


You’ll be damned, if you think for fun, people are printing T-shirts and holding flashcards/banners pushing hard for a “come-suck-some-titties” culture. There is truth in this. Yes, your nipple handling ninja techniques will finally pay dividends.

It isn’t a myth. There is scientific study and evidence to back the breast sucking claim.


Groping breast without consent is a jail-worthy offence. And groping doesn’t contribute any profitable benefit to reducing the risk of breast cancer. Neither does squeezing a boob. Sucking a breast right and nipple stimulation is the key!

Get your priorities right.

Definitely don’t do this too, please.


In the last 25 years, a lot of scientific studies have been done to back the claim: breast sucking for “adult babies” /breastfeeding for real babies and nipple stimulation cuts the risk of developing breast cancer.

The first study was done in 1994 by Professor Tim Murrell( then of Department of Community Medicine, at the University of Adelaide). He dubbed his quite controversial approach Nipple Care. What was “Nipple Care” about? Two to three minutes of nipple stimulation twice a week.

His nipple stimulation research started after a female client who suffered from painful lumpy breasts had remarried and revealed during follow-up care- her breast “difficulties” had disappeared because her second husband was much better at “loving her breast”.

Obviously high on this ground-breaking revelation, he enrolled 5,000 participants in his Nipple Care program and guess what? Not even a single case of breast cancer popped up among them. Hooooly S****

‘We would expect to be seeing two or three breast cancers a year based on a population of this size


What about nipple stimulation was cutting the risk of breast cancer? Professor Murrell discovered the answer lied in the hormone- Oxytocin which was produced during nipple stimulation.

This is what Oxytocin looks like when you really care and are a nerd.


Oxytocin is produced in the brain and released into the bloodstream as a hormone in response to stretching of the cervix and uterus during labour and with stimulation of the nipples from breastfeeding.


The breast has the highest number of Oxytocin receptors.

Murrell’s discovery ignited a cascade of research into Oxytocin and Cancer. In 1994, Paola Cassoni et al published research that gave strong evidence Oxytocin induces significant growth inhibition of breast tumour cells and inhibits proliferation of human breast cancer cell lines.

If you didn’t go to Med school, that means Oxytocin arrested the growth and increase in the number of breast tumour cells.

Recently in 2018, the hormone Oxytocin was found to reduce tumour growth and also the major player mediating the beneficial effects of exercise training-one of the much popularized therapeutic ways in helping women fight breast cancer.


I understand you aren’t a baby, but after reading this, you will have sufficient licence to suck those breast like never before! But let’s do a bit of anatomy if you don’t know what nipples are.

cartoon picture of breast
Anatomy 101. Photo courtesy Bustle

Breast sucking will replace lactation in this post. With proper consent, breast sucking is the most amazing way of stimulating nipples. At least if you know how to work them like a pro.

Pro Tip #1: For the love of God, always start gentle.

Pro Tip #2: Nipple Orgasms Are Possible. Oxytocin causes orgasms.

Stimulate the nipples and watch Oxytocin do some magic giving that high sexual rush evidenced by pointed hardened nipples. Her nipples don’t stand? Hey, women are different. Don’t always take blame buddy.

Sufficient and longer episodes of breast sucking leads to sustained exfoliation(shedding off) of breast tissue(some of which might have damaged DNA). There is also pronounced epithelial apoptosis(programmed cell death) at the end of lactation(breast sucking) which could decrease breast cancer risk through the elimination of cells with DNA damage and mutations.

What this means is, often is the way of the Jedi. Breastfeeding for a long period is essential!

Pro Tip #3: Inverted nipples are normal. When the head of the nipple is indented, it is considered inverted.


Arnold Schwarzenegger saying Tits gif
Schwarze knows best! Team Boobs win.

I sat down to write 1015 words granting you backed license to suck and stimulate some breast like the true ninja you are. Not only are you saving the world, but you are also sure to give your partner genuine orgasms.

Dear women, endeavour to do your part by making it readily available at all times.

Suck boobs, save a life. Early detection saves life! Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to the blog. Best Regards.

Cheers, DrC.

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