How To Influence People: Giving To Get Back

Ever heard of the saying: ‘there is no free lunch’? Well, it took an extraordinary scene at the hospital to understand how influence tactics work. It was another ordinary hectic day at the hospital and I was about closing my shift when an obstetric emergency came through. ‘Stay let’s help save a life’, I thought.

The Best Lie We Tell Everyday

Everyone around you has lied, will lie or worse is lying. Of all these lies, the best are the ones we tell ourselves. Here's the biggest you've told yet and Thanos will show you how it's done right!

Why Letting Go Is Damn Hard

Relationships are hard. Loving people unconditionally is hardest. What do you do when you struggle to jump ship from a failing relationship?

Empty Your Cup: Be Teachable

What turn would your life take if you accept you could be wrong about everything you thought you knew? Read this amazing Zen post!