The story of Snow White and her seven mini friends transcends several generations. Your grandma read it and so will your great-grandkid if you survive 2020 of course. But wait, who would have thought a 1937 Walt Disney movie would become a box-office hit, spawn a live-action movie in 2012 and well, feature on my blog in a shitty year?

Don’t get bored already, this isn’t a movie review post. I am terrible at that. There is an amazing take from the story of Snow White you never imagined!

The 2012 live action movie featuring legendary Aasgardian God, Thor( Liam Hermsworth)


Let me bring you up to speed with this Happy-ever-after story. In a far off land that exists only in the heads of hopeless romantics, a queen who had a daily routine of standing in front of her magic mirror chatting shit all day, one day discovers she wasn’t the hottest chick in the universe.

With this comes unimaginable hatred that culminates in poisoning her stepdaughter Snow White. Who gets jealous of a girl as white as snow? Unless you are the Evil Queen. Within the timeline of exiling Snow White into the evil forest and her falling into a coma, Snow White meets seven incredible workaholic dwarves who become great friends. She is kissed by a stranger Prince who luckily doesn’t have oral herpes and brings her back to life. They live happily ever after. The end.



In the 1958 FIFA World Cup, a relatively unknown 17 years old named Edson Arantes do Nascimento took the world by storm. You know him simply as Pele. The incredible story of Pele in the 1958 World Cup strings along the lines of a dreamer’s fantasy. Scoring a 23-minute hat-trick against a legendary France side in the semi-final and scoring a brace in the world cup final is nothing short of god-like achievement. In a career spanning several decades, he rewrote history and arguably will go down as the G.O.A.T. But…

The alien among men- Pele.

Two years after Pele’s virtuoso performance at that World Cup, in a little town in Argentina, a baby boy was born. This kid will go down as the most iconic self-styled primadonna Argentine footballer ever. The man who while playing for Barcelona in the 1984 Copa Del Rey final, single handedly started a close to 100-participants violent brawl at Santiango Bernabeau which left over 60 people critically injured. He will go on to score the most controversial goal dubbed “The Hand Of God” against England in the 1986 World Cup. Figured him out yet?

His name was Diego Armando Maradona. Photo Of Diego Maradona winning the 1986 World Cup. RIP Diego

Pele didn’t in the slightest see Diego Maradona taking the world’s focus off him at some point in his lifetime. Maradona’s brash personality only worsened Pele’s plight. Pele in several interviews threw shots at Maradona intensifying a rivalry that continued until his untimely death this year. Sigh 2020! Pele wasn’t ready to be replaced and till date still deluded about being better than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who obviously have achieved much more than Pele did in his career.


The Pele-Maradona story is a perfect reflection of the Evil Queen’s melodrama. She never thought in the slightest someone will take her place as the ‘fairest amongst all’.

This is the reality of this cold cold world: at the height of your achievements, youth and talents, there is always the lurking feeling of being infallible and god-like. Just know these moments won’t last forever. At some point, someone will come along who will be prettier, richer, smarter and better at what you do.

Will you be or are you ready for this inevitable day? How will you cope when this day comes? Spring into unsurmountable jealousy or accept the reality: you won’t be in demand forever.

Till then don’t take whatever you have now for granted, give off your best and understand you are replaceable!


If the Evil Queen already knew she was fairest amongst all, why did she incessantly look into her mirror emotionally jerking off her feel-good ego? Your guess is right! Fine, she was a narcissist. But there are two misable simple clues:


Strangely, despite reassurance, the Evil Queen wasn’t totally convinced or believe the reassuring answer her mirror kept giving her. Until one moment of truth snapped her out of the comfortable lies.

How many comfortable lies have you told yourself and probably living so far? Are you full of scheiße yet think you are a good person, father, mother, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or co-worker? Unfortunately many won’t see through their bullshit and experience their moment of truth: their Damascus Moment.

Don’t be one of them!


Inside all of us is a mirror that pitches our self-ideas against reality. Unfortunately, what this mirror is; is shaped by our successes, past experiences, traumas, hurts, and emotional states. What this means is, subconsciously, how we view ourselves could be a far cry from what we really are and it’s sometimes no fault of ours. How do you convince yourself you are loved when you’ve suffered several hurts and rejections? Positive self-affirmations could help but long term they hardly work.

Self-affirmations temporarily alleviate our emotional state then the mirror inside us begins to pitch our perception against reality. Soon, you begin to realize you aren’t as X as you think. ( X= pretty, smart, put in any quality here) no matter how much reassurance you give yourself in that period of time.

This is why we need an external mirror(others) from time to time to recalibrate our internal mirror. And the quality of this outside mirror can be a game-changer!


You or others? While flattery from others is good, the biggest mindfuck truth you ought to find about yourself is this:

A. Do others have the final say when it comes to estimating your self-worth?

B. Is your self worth tied to an external source that without, you are nothing?

If you answered an honest yes, then you are staring right at inevitable bitterness and soul-shattering disappointment.

The mirror was the source of validation for the Queen’s self-worth. Secondly, the Evil Queen tied her sense of worth to being the “prettiest amongst all”. And when all these were taken away, the emptiness was crushing. She, however, failed to see despite losing that position she was still mother, a wife and a queen.


When things take a turn for the worse, who do you turn to? Take a breather and ask yourself, can you really count 10 people you can turn to for help? If your answer is bordering around a shaky number to absolute zero, then it’s about time you learnt about the law of reciprocity.

A good support system can make an absolute difference in your life, and it don’t necessarily have to be 7 dwarfy people. Credit: Photo by Aman Shrivastava on Unsplash

During exile, Snow White did one incredible thing for her new found friends: she provided value. She exchanged doing chores, keeping the messy workhalics home clean for protection against the Evil Queen. And they totally digged her!

That right there is the explosive benefit of the law of reciprocity. Don’t be a one-sided parasite always looking for favours. Be there for others and most importantly, make good friends. I really can’t stress on this last part. Jealousy-driven people, narcissistic, manipulative, self-centred persons, these are qualities that don’t bode well for a good support system.

Finally, shyness is pretty much dumb. No qualms. The most confident people you see around can be incredibly shy yet put on a solid show. Fake it till you make it. Go out there and make some good friends.


Glad you made it to the end of this year’s final post. 2020 has been a difficult year. Nonetheless, I hope you had amazing moments worth remembering. Rest in comfort and hope: no matter how long the night may be, the sun will always rise again. See you next year and thanks so much for making this blog what it is today.

Wishing you a Happy Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2021! Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Cheers, DrC.

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