There is something special about dreaming, it doesn’t cost a dime!!!
Well, the thing is, this blog has waited for ages. To be precise 3 months of amazing procrastination. I deserve an award for getting off my ass to start something really cool. Let’s get straight to business.

A Big Welcome to Lifehacks
with Dr C.

This blog is basically a no-bullshitting blog. What this means is, you will see some uncensored batshit crazy stuff and oh, lots of pampering (sorry about the batshit, just warming you up for more! Ha!). In here we will take each other on a journey of personal growth, liberation and healthy living. We will talk about cool stuff ranging from self-improvement to travelling to amazing places and a superb health guide. Before you jump to the About section to read and gossip about me, let me cut you the chase.

I am a medical student cum yet-to-be-doctor-in-few-months. In here, interaction is a vital core of this blog. You will get live interviews with real-life people (Leaders, doctors, and you! Yes you!).
I am promising you fun. Tons and tons of amazing moments and head-scratching dirty raw stuff. All these won’t happen without you. I love you for being the first person to check out my Blog. One day we will sit together sipping coffee in our 90s waiting for the Death Reaper to unplug our life-support.

Then…We shall shove him our wrinkly middle finger saying… “Fuck off, we lived a life worth living”!

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