Listen up. No time for fancy intros. This post is exclusively for my fellow liars out there. You know, the kind who claim to badly want something and yet sit around doing little or worse nothing about it. These days it’s even worse; we talk and post all over the entire internet about it. Then we go right back to doing zilch about our so-called dreams. Now, you know what I’m talking about.

And no, this is no motivational mumbo jumbo. It’s a simple question of why are you lying first to yourself, and then the rest of us? Why waste everyone’s time and resources about something you are obviously not as interested in as you make it seem?

Photo of cue cat. Find yourself in bed just like this cat, and lie to yourself you will wake in the next 5 minutes?
Yaaawn. A little more yawn. Image by g3gg0 from Pixabay

Let me digress a bit. I don’t care what you say, Avengers: End Game is the best Marvel movie in recent times. Of course, the ending couldn’t be more predictable otherwise they’d be just pushing it. The innuendos, references, subtle biases, inferences and humour are topnotch. The dialogue, however, has blown my mind each of the twenty-three times I have rewatched it.

This moment doesn’t count as twenty-four because I’m still typing and watching Thor play video games with his stone friends.

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Back to the matter. If anyone has seen a more determined soul than Thanos about something they have set their mind on, please do me the honours and show me the way. Take a moment and think about it: He had his focus in multiple lifetimes and timelines. Same focus, same energy, even more badassery. And all with such poetic finesse. I’ll quit the unwarranted movie review now.

The dialogue in the last act really gives me kick each time. That last, ”Avengers Assemble” by Cap. Damn!

Incredibly, Thanos carried his nutsack of a chin from one timeline to another to see his dream to fruition, but you can’t carry your self to the library to read the book you said you will. Or the blog you wanted to start so badly. Or the business you want to start. Ah well…As for you fitness liars, I am seriously shaking my head at you. You don’t even deserve a mention on the list of liars

Regardless of what your lie has been, it is an either-or situation. You are either doing it or you aren’t.


The world is already noisy as it is. Spare us the extra buzz from your end. Actually, this is more of a self-reminder about all the times my roommate and I hit the gym once and never returned. Or all the numerous blog posts I’ve left unfinished. Or a certain lady I wasn’t ever able to speak three sane sentences to when I was a younger man(I know you’re reading this, and yes we have unfinished business!).

The list goes on and on, but here’s the good part. I have acknowledged how much it sucks to constantly lie to myself and you all who give two hoots about me; knowing that I definitely could be a much better person than I currently am, but look where the lies have left me. Sigh.

I’ll go finish my movie now and you finally get to read this post I’ve left hanging for 6 months, and hope this helps someone get off the list of chronic liars. Cos you lot disgust me.

Quote by Mark Hansen. 
Get off your ass and quit the lies. Never too late.
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