‘Some pursue Happiness, others create it’’

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I so want to be happy. I mean I really do, you probably do too, and my grannie still does. We all are in pursuit of it.  

Take a deep breath and think through all your actions; be it: wearing the best clothes, eating from that top tier restaurant, visiting that unique place you dreamed of, or choosing that special someone—all these are geared towards happiness.

The Question remains, how many of us are truly happy? Can you find Happiness in an unforgiving world??
The answer to that question is spelt Y-E-S!!! But wait for this bomb!

You are responsible for 99.99% of the suffering you might experience in life!

Yes, You! Read that sentence again! But what if we can create an avenue to have happiness in our lives and enjoy all the incredible things in our short time on Earth?

Top 5 life hacks for Happy Living:


If you are like me, growing up in Ghana (West Africa), you have probably heard the Sunday school song “Count Your Blessings name them one by one”.
That song carries a powerful secret to Life! There are Blessings in your life you fail to see because they are subtle and look less important to you.

You can walk on two limbs? (Someone has been sentenced to life in a wheelchair!).
Some will never see what the colour blue looks like- you can actually read this text.

You are breathing…. some are dead!

Be Grateful for these little things that look “normal” to you. Do you have a supporting family? Be Grateful. Count it as a blessing. Without these, life won’t be worthwhile.

Exercise:  Pull out a sheet of paper: Write down 10 things in your life you are grateful for. No matter how irrelevant they look, write them down. Stick it in an open place. Next time, Sadness tries creeping in, pull it out and crack that beautiful smile reminding yourself of the good things you have in your life


“Pity is a party I won’t attend”

Dr. Irene olumese

Somewhere last year I happened to watch Dr Irene Olumese share her tragic life story live at First Love, Ayeduase. With every word that came out of her mouth, I sank deeper into my chair. My breathing was altered. Intense goosebumps all over my skin. I wanted to let out a loud cry-
Have you read her book – “Grace in the Storms: A Living Proof”. If you do read and don’t shed tears…I’m sponsoring an instant date. (If you have a worse story than hers, email me, let’s cry together)
Admit it, we all do the classic, “Why me?” cry. Everybody enjoys revelling in self-pity. We rant about how unfair the world treats us. How people seem to have an agenda against us. We all do this!
You see self-pity is the worst kind of emotion. It’s a raging fire that consumes our self-worth leaving us empty. Maybe you have a deep-seated feeling life has dealt you a bad hand. Perhaps you have lost someone special, failed an exam or battling cancer. Maybe Life might have been better if you were 6 feet tall, rocking huge and outrageous butts like a Moesha? Or have Ryan Gosling looks? Maybe this point of view might be 100% true.


Self-Pity will not help the situation. It’ll only keep you basking in a state of apathy aka playing the victim.
Trust me on this one. This is the biggest hack for bringing a smile to your world.
Lionel Messi isn’t 6feet tall yet he’s won countless accolades. Tell me your life story and there is someone out there who have suffered similar or worse and came out a victor!

Kill the self-pity and you will see a path to triumph.


“Chuck it in the fuck-it-bucket and move on”


One of the most vital skills to learn in life is learning how to let go. Life isn’t a bed of roses. You are going to face hurt, disappointments, failures, you name it at one point. But being able to say,
“Fuck it! I am moving on! I am bigger than this!”  Is so crucial to living an amazing life. Carrying burdens drains your life force and keeps you in the “Victim mentality”. It’s never easy letting go. Yes, that asshole of a guy cancelled wedding plans two days to the wedding and left you in an abyss of hopelessness.

See, I might not understand your pain, but trust me on this, a clenched fist receives no gifts.

Always believe all things are working for your good. Let go of the past, the hurt and pain: and you will see Life has so much in store for you.


Every obstacle in your life is a potential learning tool. When a potter subjects clay to torturous processes, the clay has no idea what the potter has in mind. It only sees 1000 degrees of pain whereas the potter sees a perfect finished product in mind.

Without the pain, there is no finished product.

Trust that the obstacles you are facing right now are shaping you to be better equipped for future encounters. Appreciate the learning experience: See the bigger picture.

LIFEHACK: Always ask yourself, “What can I learn from this situation?”
How will this make me a better person?

Keep A Happiness Jar:

This is Incredible… Watch out for an upcoming article on the Happiness Jar.
Do you have a happiness Hack to Share? Drop it in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article and drop a like.
Cheers – Dr.C

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