Do you often try to avoid problems? This is how my journey started. I remember vividly playing the “what if you met a genie” game with my sitting mate. The game was simple. You just had to imagine yourself being Disney’s Aladdin who stumbled on a golden lamp that loved kino. Rub it on the sides and out pops a genie who was willing to grant you three wishes. I remember hearing my sitting mate’s interesting as well as thought-provoking wishes. Then it was my turn and my wishes were:

the three wishes I had which ultimately showed the problems I was running away from.

Yeah right dumbass! I know you probably might be rolling your eye to these wishes. Chances are if you were granted this hypothetical opportunity, your wishes would be along the lines of riches, fame, glory or immortality. As I sat down to write this blog post, I unearthed a damning revelation. I was running away from problems!

The Misunderstood Problem Of Problems:

If you haven’t got the cliff notes- life is hard. Need I elaborate on this fact? Maybe not, as that would take an extra 4 blog posts which might just piss you off. What truly makes life hard? Problems!

Fortunately, I have a cliche choking red pill you have to swallow down your throat:

Problems are inevitable!


Truth is, problems are a part of nature and is its shitty strategy to make us obey one of its fundamental laws- growth! Yet, in our own limited divine wisdom, find ourselves constantly trying to avoid problems and making our lives devoid of chaos. All to no avail!


Now let’s take a look at my three wishes. In hindsight, subconsciously, I’m pretty sure I made these wishes thinking these will solve most of my darkest insecurities- poverty, fear of death, and loneliness. But counter-intuitively, you will realize it all boils down to a baffling revelation you will soon find out- the creation of new problems.

Let’s take my first wish. If I become the world’s richest man, chances are, this is what might happen.

a flow chart that shows how the problems one might encounter with being rich.

From the flowchart above, solving my poverty problem eventually leads to bringing forth new unseen problems. Hiring a bodyguard to solve my paranoia(problem) will further keep me in constant fear of guessing who to trust.

A Photo of Pablo Escobar with his wife and two kids.
Despite a net worth of $30 billion dollars in 1993, Pablo Emiliano Escobar had to live in constant fear of being caught by the DEA. New problems!

Pablo Escobar is a brilliant real-life example! Work so hard to find a job, and you are now faced with a novel problem of having to wake up early, spending less time with family and getting burned out at the end of the day.

Problems never go away, they morph into newer problems.

Understanding this beautiful reality will help curb much of the insanity you face in life.

Good vs Bad Problems:

Now that we have established solving problems lead to newer problems, let me introduce you to a new kind of problem- good problems!
These are the kind of problems we should all aim for or pray for! Becoming financially stable is a good problem. You can afford to live the way you want, have a good vacation, provide good health care for yourself and loved ones and have amazing new experiences.

However, when you are poor, you only live your dream life in your head, you fall sick at the snap of the fingers, and will generally lack the opportunity of having amazing new experiences. Life at the bottom of the food chain is hell- bad problem!


As much as having good problems sound easy on paper, it takes a lot of work(action) to convert bad problems into good problems.
If you are lonely(bad problem) running away from solving this issue leads to further bad problems(suicidal thoughts, depression). Taking steps to solve this issue by letting go of your insecurities to meet new people will good problem(company). People come with their emotional baggage and shit-ton of problems which you have to deal with. Soon you have newer problems.

See, they never go away! Will you rather avoid problems and face them later(when complicated) or face them now?

Armed with this reality, brace yourself for the problems life throws at you. Do not avoid problems, they are inevitable. Knowing very well, only by taking action do we convert bad problems into good problems.

A Quote from Mark Manson: A good life is not a life without problems. A good life is a life with good problems.

Cheers, DrC.

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